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2741 E 4th St. STE D Long Beach, Ca 90814 562-719-5017


Fourth Street Annex

We are a functional fitness training program in the heart of Long Beach, California. We offer group classes, bootcamp, Olympic Weightlifting, custom programming and one on one training.

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“Your body is like a car.” When we first drive it out of the dealership, everything is working to the absolute best of its capabilities. Then months go by and we stop washing it every week. We run the tank till it’s dry. We push our oil changes further and further apart, well because we’re too busy. This is the same thing we do with fitness. We start on our journey and everything feels great. We love the feeling of slightly sore muscles. We stretch and cool down and take care of our little aches and pains. Then we get in such a rhythm that we start just showing up to class, putting in work, and jumping in our car to get home and eat. We ignore our “check engine lights”. We push our bodies past the point of our next “oil change”. But the interesting point here is, we can buy a new car - you only get one body. We need to learn how to move it properly. Through full mobility with superior stability. This takes constant awareness of your movements in and outside of class. This is what Nicole (@funky_cole_medina_dpt) is here to help you do. She’s here to help you move better and feel better so you can get back to the point of being new and shiny everyday. You owe this to yourself. . . #gymno4 #annextraining #longbeachca #4thstreetlb #movebetter #monthlyfix

“Your body is l...

You know what they say.. “Beyoncé wasn’t built in a day. And neither was @jezennia.” That’s the full quote for sure. . . #gymno4 #annextraining #4thstreetlb #longbeachca #themarmstho

You know what t...

Brewery tour was a party. Kinda summer feels and Costco pizza happened. If ya missed out, you were greatly missed — promise. I’m for sure gonna #firstlike this cause you all are the best🍕🍻✌🏼✌🏼 . . @gym_no.4 #gymno4 #annextraining #longbeachca #beer #steelcraft #lbbrewlab #tenmile #ballastpointlongbeach

Brewery tour wa...

Monday: Bench Press Tuesday: Accessory Wednesday: Backsquat Thursday: Accessory Friday: Bench Press (wide) ANNEX TRAINING can and should be done 5x per week consecutively for maximal benefits. This program works, but only when you do. . . #gymno4 #annextraining #longbeachca #4thstreetlb #strengthcycle

Monday: Bench P...

You can fake fitness, but you can’t fake knowledge. #getacoach . . #gymno4 #annextraining #longbeach #longbeachca #4thstreetlb #whosyourcoach

You can fake fi...

Coach BJ dropping bombs! 🔥 Obviously... go give him a follow. #Repost @heyitsyaboybj ・・・ Coach BJ stability tips: it’s all about the trunk! “Trx saw” - The trx saw is a movement that challenges the core by changing the lever length (the point from the trx to your hands). This is especially good for any cyclist using TT bars because it incorporates scapular(shoulder blade) stability and recruits the lats in stabilizing the spine and shoulders. This will strengthen your TT position, and give you a killer core. The lat engagement and core strengthening will also be a big asset for swimmers, which is why we use this with our triathletes often. - A. Set the trx a few inches off the ground so your toes don’t drag B. Set up in an elbow plank so the trx is pointing straight down (orthogonal to the ground). C. Set the shoulder blades in a nice flat position, the same day you would in your aero bars. D. Push your feet backwards, and keep your core tight so your lower back doesn’t cave in. This is where the core work really kicks in. E. Return to shoulders over the forearms, and repeat. - Stabilize that core, and we’ll see you next week for more tips. - #pcc #tuesdaytips #performancecyclecoaching #coachbjtips #lbcoach #velo #tracksprinting #trackcycling #timetrial #tt #kilo #pursuit #tri #triathlon #ironman #70.3 #140.6 #mobility #trx #core #kineticchain #gymno4 #mobilitywod #deluxecycles

Coach BJ droppi...

KINSTRETCH Guru @hunterfitness in the house Tues/Thurs. Hyped. Get HERE. #Repost @hunterfitness ・・・ KINSTRETCH classes are up and running. ⠀ Currently Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at lunchtime. ⠀ One morning and one evening time might open as early as next week. ⠀ Make sure you’re on the email list to get notified of new classes coming up. ⠀ to sign up! ⠀ This clip is from yesterday’s class where we spent some time going over a kinetic stretch in the 90/90 base position. ⠀ I want to thank everyone who’s been making time at lunch to drive from all different areas of Southern California the last two weeks! ⠀ #HunterFitness #KINSTRETCH #FunctionalRangeConditioning #controlyourself #doanything #mobility #flexibility #stretching @drandreospina @kinstretch


Repost from Coach Caitlin (@chogan25) ・・・ We are half-way through our 6-week @annexlab Nutrition Challenge and the results we are seeing thus far are absolutely incredible! With measurements from only half of our challengers, we’ve seen a total of 70.8lbs lost and 42.84% Body Fat loss. These compositional changes have come not from restricting entire food groups like some challenges, but from customized meal plans based off each individual’s necessary energy balance. Can’t wait to see what the next 3-weeks have in store for these folks! . . For those who missed this round of @annexlab— no worries!! We are working on a way to seamlessly add on +++ nutrition options for all current members. Hang tight!🙌🏼 . . @annexlab @annextraining @gym_no.4 #annextraining #annexlab #annexlabnutrition #gymno4 #nutrition #mealplans #weightloss #wholefoods #healthyeating #summeriscoming

Repost from Coa...

Habits. Beat. Intentions. Every. Time. “I’ll stop drinking on Monday.” “I’ll start eating better after the weekend.” I’ll get to the gym 5 times starting next week.” The reason so many people fail to follow through when things become too difficult is due to lack of connection with their personal lives and their vision. Though these intentions are GOOD and it’s certainly a start, they are literally just that—good intentions. It’s time to confront the reality of your situation. Are you showing up? Are you working hard? Are you doing all of the reps? Are you supporting your training with proper nutrition? Are you supporting your training with proper mobility? Are you getting adequate sleep? Are you drinking enough water? Are you listening to your coach? If you look over at someone who has the results you want I will bet 20 times out of 10 they are working harder and more consistently than you. This is true with anything in life! Business, health, relationships! If you’re writing these successful people off as a genetic freak, or they have more time, or they are more athletic, or they’re smarter, or or or - it’s because you are avoiding the truth. They are out working you. We are more interested in the habits and the actions you are taking on a daily basis because at the end of the day YOU don’t have control over your results, YOUR habits have control over your results. #workharder #effortisachoice . . #gymno4 #annextraining #longbeachca #4thstreetlb

Habits. Beat. I...

What Camilla (@c0ffee_sn0b) has to say is IMPORTANT. Thank you, girl. You’re an inspiration to us all. #proud . . Repost . . ❤️While I'm a firm believer in being gentle with yourself, there's also a time & a place to tell yourself TO GET IT TOGETHER & GET IT FUCKING DONE. That was today for me...It took everything in me not to ball my eyes out after today's workout & I still managed to unravel on the way home.. why? Because I did the box jumps instead of the step ups today. Because I ran the entire 800 meters & didn't walk even though it hurt. Because when @chogan25 said there's 60 seconds left I told myself that I was going to Ski-Erg my ASS off to make it to 500m and finish with the team. AND THERE'S NOTHING IN THIS WORLD THAT FEELS MORE ENRICHING THEN STARTING TO RECOGNIZE THE GIRL IN THE MIRROR AGAIN. I've lost over 100 lbs through diet & exercise for God's sake?? Somewhere along the way I've seemed to forget that & sell myself short.. I cried so hard on the way home, & it felt dam good. It's not about fitting into certain jeans, looking a certain way in pictures, or any of that. It stopped being about that a looooong time ago for me.'s about being PROUD of myself again. Like really, truly PROUD. @gym_no.4 .. it's good to be HOME ❤✊

What Camilla (@...