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2741 E 4th St. STE D Long Beach, Ca 90814 562-719-5017


Fourth Street Annex

We are a functional fitness training program in the heart of Long Beach, California. We offer group classes, bootcamp, Olympic Weightlifting, custom programming and one on one training.

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Spaces Are Limited! We cap our total membership so we can maintain the highest level of quality. 🙂

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Live Schedule.

🌮🌮SAVE THE DATE!🌮🌮 THIS SATURDAY 3.23 TEAM TRAIN(9am) + TACOS(10am)🌮🍺. This one is to support our girl @liz311 on her AIDS LIFECYCLE journey from SF to LA. Hang tight ⬇️ more details to come via email, FB and live in class.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #annextraining #fourthstreetannex #longbeachca #aidslifecycle #tacos #beer #friends


To find your best self you must lose your weak self. And that only happens through relentless improvement, continuous reflection and ongoing self -excavation. #Repost @superchilltrainer ・・・ I hope you get it in today! Whatever it is.. 💪🏼 • • • • • • #plantbasedlifestyle #plantbasedmovement #plantbased #plants #govegan #vegan #love #food #fitness #fit #health #follow #longbeach #followforfollow #healthandwellness #healthfood #healthy #organic #allnatural #onlinetraining #weightloss #flexibility #mobility #olympicweightlifting #oly #olympiclifts #superchilltraining #superchilltrainer

To find your be...

“Don't waste too much of your precious time worrying about whether it's possible. There have already been others who have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that it is. The only relevant question is whether you will let it be possible for you. If you're willing to accept that possibility you're on the way to experiencing real magic 🔮 in your life.” Let’s get to work. . . #annextraining #longbeachca #4thstreetlb #longbeachfitness #longbeach #stayhonest #committed #circa2016

“Don't waste to...

Not feeling it by Jacko Willink - How do I handle those days when I’m just not “feeling it”? Those days when I am tired or worn out or just sick of the grind... What do I do on those days? - I GO ANYWAY. I GET IT DONE. - Even if I am just going through the motions— I GO THROUGH THE MOTIONS. - Don’t really want to work out? I work out. Don’t really want to hammer on a project? I hammer on the project. Don’t really want to get up and out of bed? I GET UP AND GET OUT OF BED. Now— these could be signals that you need some time off— and those signals might be right. BUT— don’t take today off. Wait until tomorrow. Don’t give in to the immediate gratification that is whispering in your ear. SHUT THAT DOWN. DO NOT LISTEN. - Instead: Go through the motions. Lift the weights. Sprint the hill. Work on the project. GET OUT OF BED. - I don’t like procrastination. But if you feel like you need a break— that is one thing you should procrastinate. Taking a break is the one thing I put off until tomorrow. And if— when tomorrow comes— you still feel like you need rest or you need a break— then go ahead: take it. - Chances are you won’t— you won’t need that rest. Chances are you will realize that the desire to rest was just weakness— it was the desire to take the path of least resistance— the downhill path— the downward path. And by going through the motions, you overcame that weakness. And you stayed on the righteous path— the disciplined path— You stayed on the warpath. Right where you know you belong. - #gymno4 #annextraining #longbeachca #4thstreetlb #hardworkpaysoffs #healthiswealth

Not feeling it ...

What winter? Boy, oh boy do we sure ❤️❤️❤️❤️Long Beach. . . #gymno4 #annextraining #longbeachca #longbeach #4thstreetlb #lbc #keepitlocal

What winter? Bo...

Truth 🙌🏼 #Repost Coach @grayson.wes ・・・ Rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep after rep. #secrettogettingstronger . . #gymno4 #annextraining #longbeachca #longbeachlife #4thstreetlb #fitness #hardworkpaysoffs

Truth 🙌🏼 #Repos...

“The human body does not favorably reconfigure itself in response to ease and sameness. The body only grows new muscle and becomes stronger when pushed into new territory. Those who go through the motions (staying within their comfort zone) can train for a long time. Those who train intensely enough to trigger changes in their body composition, strength etc have between 30-75 minutes before the sheer intensity causes them to run out of energy.” #intensitymatters . . #gymno4 #annextraining #longbeachca #longbeachfitness #4thstreetlb #effortisachoice

“The human body...

#Repost from Coach @grayson.wes ・・・ Check this out. You’re not going to want to miss this. Especially this time of year. If you’re concerned about those extra lbs that add up during the holiday season, we’ve put together a challenge to help you get through the insane amount of calories we’re all about to consume. Maybe you’re already on strict regimen and you’re nervous for what’s about to happen to your body. Or maybe you’ve got to a point where you want to make some significant changes regarding your health. Maybe you’re trying to find something to help you get in a groove. Whatever you’ve got going on, this 28 day challenge will help you stay on, or get on track. Each participant receives a 20 page challenge guide, 25 challenge friendly recipes, exclusive access to the Rise Wodify app, and access to our Thursday extra credit workouts. Icing on the cake? The prize. The more people who get involved, the more prize money that’s on the table. What better motivation to watch your food than winning some moolah!! This is open to EVERYONE! There are 2 options to pick from, one of them is #vegan and if you’re looking for some dramatic changes, that’s the one you should try. Click the link in my bio and get yourself signed up ASAP. You have until Sunday. Enjoy the rest of your week and let’s HIT THIS HARD on Monday! No excuses!! #longbeachfitness #veganlongbeach #fitnesschallenge #holidaychallenge #happythanksgivng

#Repost from Co...

Short week! Easy message. Get your butts in here. Let’s kill it! . . #gymno4 #annextraining #longbeachca #4thstreetlb #welikeyou #sogethere

Short week! Eas...

Be bad until you’re good. Be slow until you’re fast. Be weak until you’re strong. Be lost until you’re in tune. Wherever you are this will always be practice. This will always be a space and time for you to improve on you. Never forget the more you do difficult things... the better you get at doing difficult things. . . #gymno4 #annextraining #longbeachca #4thstreetlb #fitness #longbeachfitness #hardworkpaysoffs #doyou #headspace #commitment

Be bad until yo...