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2741 E 4th St. STE D Long Beach, Ca 90814 562-719-5017


Fourth Street Annex

We are a functional fitness training program in the heart of Long Beach, California. We offer group classes, bootcamp, Olympic Weightlifting, custom programming and one on one training.

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“We believe that strength has a greater purpose— and that purpose goes far beyond the ability to lift weight or move loads. Being physically strong is great. Especially when you consider the alternative. Being weak is less appealing. But the importance of strength shows itself when it transcends what you do in the gym. The strength you earn through your training is something that should enrich all other areas of your life and the lives of the people who are important to you.”⁣ ⁣ #annextraining #fourthstreetannex #longbeachca #4thstreetlb #purpose #strongstrongstrong #getstronghere

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GOIN UP ON A MONDAY⚫️ Here’s what’s comin’ at ya June 10-14!⁣ Coach (@chogan25) notes: ⁣ TRAIN STRENGTH⁣ We transition into from the 5’s into the last 3-Weeks of the Hogan Strength Cycle ... the “3s Phase”. We are back to Week 1 - Volume. With our percentage work starting at 80% on the low end, we add intensity by performing timed holds and more sets than the previous week’s. Your rest time is limited to 1min to encourage you to perform work while your body is still slightly fatigued. REMEMBER - we will take a look at your AMRAP Test Performance from last week to determine your percentages for these last three weeks.⁣ 0-5 Reps - Follow percentages as is⁣ 6-9 Reps - Add 5lbs to your current 1Rm⁣ 10-14 Reps - Add 10lbs to your current 1RM⁣ 15+ Reps - Add 15lbs to your current 1RM⁣ ⁣ For example, If I got 10 Back Squats last week, I will add 10lbs to my Current Back Squat 1RM and take my percentages off this number. If you need assistance, your coach can help you before or after class. ⁣ ⁣ This week’s lifting schedule will be:⁣ Monday: Front Squats 🦵🏻🍑⁣ Tuesday: Bench Press🗽⁣ Wednesday: Hang Power Clean💥⁣ Thursday: Strict Press💪🏼⁣ Friday: Deadlift🍑⁣ ⁣ ALL ATHLETES - Side note on recovery⁣ With higher reps and higher percentages comes the necessity of making recovery a priority. If you run out of time to stretch in class or after your session, it is your duty to roll out and stretch the same day of your training. I’ve put up some stretches in wodify for each day this week to encourage you to recovery properly. #annextraining #longbeachca #fitness #strengthandconditioning #coachesnotes #4thstreetlb


Why Hang Cleans?⁣ ⁣Because they’re awesome😎. But really ... While typically seen as more of an Olympic Weightlifting movement, this lift is one of very few movements that recruits nearly 200 individual muscle fibers with one rep. I add this movement into our Annex Training programming simply because of the massive strength, power, conditioning, and even fat burning benefits associated with the lift. To see the muscular demand this movement requires, check our IG story. ⁣ Why is it so hard?⁣ As I’m sure many of you have learned first-hand, cleans are extremely demanding not only in a cardio and strength sense but also mentally as well. The clean is an extremely technical movement if you want to perform it properly. It takes perfect sequencing of the power from your legs, the extension of your hips/knees/ankles, the speed of your feet, and the strength of your rack position in the catch. It’s such a quick movement with so many things happening almost simultaneously— that’s why we love it. With every session we train this lift, it must be viewed as an opportunity to practice a skill that takes the experts a lifetime to perfect. We wouldn’t expect to create an art masterpiece with only picking up a pencil three times in your life. We must have the same patience and poise with this lift.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Why do I need to do this lift?⁣ We get the we need the deadlift to understand how to pick up heavy items with proper form. We understand that we need to squat to continue to do so with strength and confidence in our older age. Even knowing how to press is a necessity for lifting any object overhead properly. But what about the clean? If viewing this movement from a functional standpoint, think about lifting a heavy object from the floor and needing to lift it to your shoulder to put on a shelf ... that’s a clean. Think about lifting your child up from the floor to your arms ... that’s a clean. Any time we need to stabilize the spine and explosively transfer power into an object, we are essentially cleaning it. The movement blends sudden strength, power, and coordination in one go.⁣ — @chogan25 #annextraining #longbeachca #longbeach #powerclean #strengthtraining #thisiswhy

Why Hang Cleans...

If no one teaches you⁣ you still have to learn.⁣ ⁣ Think about that. ⁣ #annextraining #longbeachca #fitness #longbeachfitness #longbeach #getacoach

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⁣ Our principals in all that we do is based in a truth— a scientifically sound and reproducible principal. However, we believe that true change involves the mind, body, and spirit working together. We acknowledge that sometimes timing is everything. Sometimes your head is there but your heart isn’t. We understand distractions. And heartache. And getting lost. And injury. We understand those who get the best results, who fly through given challenges and absorb every ounce of material are the exceptions- not the rule. We cannot align your mind body and spirit for you but we hope that as long as you keep trying, as long as you keep asking for help and keep the desire to learn alive that you will find that place - love it and live there. Eventually something will click. Something will emotionally affect you enough to change certain lifestyle habits. Whether you take away 1 thing or everything, the fact that you’re here and trying- the act of committing to something bigger - solidifies hope and belief that creating change and achieving success in your life is possible and realistic. We applaud you. And not only on your successes but also on your desire to get back up after the failures. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t believe in you. We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t think it was possible for you. We’ve said it before and we will say it again- the world needs you to succeed, produce, create, love, live, and be strong enough to the very best of your human potential. That is the truth. ⁣ ⁣ #annextraining #longbeachca #longbeach #4thstreetlb #belmontheights #longbeachfitness #fitness #fitnessmakeseverythingbetter #lbc #thisisimportant

⁣ Our principal...